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Kate Redfern is an artist based in South London. Kate paints mostly in oils, but more recently has done a series of water colour  paintings called Berlin Cafe Culture, and also some illustrative  water colour pictures illustrating  the songs and lyrics by  song writer Martin Gordon.
In her early years Kate was good at art at school, but took the opportunity of a place at RADA and went there instead of to art school.
After her marriage David Redfern, the music photographer, she began studying airbrush technique at the London College of Printing, and this started her off on the art trajectory., which she had been on ever since.
For a number of years she had lessons from artist/teacher David Embry, and also from artist David Napp, and in 2010 she joined the newly formed group of South London Women Artists.
To purchase Kate’s work or for general enquiries email kate@kateredfern.co.uk

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